Getting Costumes for Bellecoso and Gai


“Gai… For the love of all that is good, would you hold still?” 


The Harpy visibly flinched to the robot’s whining. It had been a headache enough getting him out of his charge pod, but getting him to actually step onto the Dernier*Cri Airship was becoming an illness in itself. The heavy duty robot absolutely refused to step off the natural land and onto the stone walkway. 

“Brennivin is probably wondering why we’re so late now,” Bellecoso complained, trying to give Gai a push onto the Airship’s grounds. “I know you don’t like magic, but this is the only way we can get a costume for you! With all the back orders all over the place, no one has the time to make something for you from scratch.” 

“Don’t wanna!” He complained again, crossing his arms and giving a pout. 

“Of all times for you to act your age,” she grumbled, giving up on the pushing. It was time to play dirty. “Fine then. If you don’t want a costume, then no candy for you this year,” she began. She walked passed him with a very light shrug, not even looking at him to know he had a horrified look on his face. “And no, you don’t get to just pilfer the trick or treat bowl this year either. You need to ‘earn’ it like everyone else.” 

“That’s mean,” he whined. His voice sounded like it was breaking just to emulate the sound. “…fine. I’ll go. Just…I don’t want to see any magic stuff happening!” 

“I’m not sure that’s a compromise I can make, Gai,” she answered. She and Gai finally stepped upon the grounds and approached the main door. The robot was shaking all over, enough to emit a sound of clacking from his joints. “I’ll ask him to tone it down, but there’s no telling how much he will require magic use…or if he’ll forget. Just behave yourself. That’s all I ask.” 

“I AM behaved!” Gai objected. “I can’t analyze magic! It hurts! I’m being perfectly fair and reasonable!” Again he crossed his arms, pouting at her. So much for behaving. 

“I suppose I asked for this somewhere down the line.” She turned to the door and gave a soft knock. “Let the headache begin.” 

The door slammed open inwards after Bellecoso finished knocking. A bright-eyed, ostentatious shopkeeper’s excited face greeted them, his arm dramatically thrown to his side due to his opening the door so suddenly. 

He threw his already raised appendage up into the air, and with a flick of his head, he bellowed, “Velkominn, Sakna Bellecoso and Gai friend!” He brought his arm back down with vigor, pointing at the two in the grand doorway of Dernier Cri. He took a glance at his watch, which was on the wrist of his other hand. “Are tad late, ja? Tsk tsk,” he said, now wagging his finger at the two. 

Brennivin turned on his heel. “Come, come, this way, Sakna with companion!” he sang-sung as he walked with a confident air about him through his somewhat over the top shop. 

Assuming the two had stuck close behind him, he inquired, “Here for Barn Gai, costume holiday, ja?” He tilted his head to the left a little, and rubbed it against his sleeved shoulder. “The Sakna Bellecoso, have already costume?” His eyes narrowed and his brows furrowed as he turned his head completely to look at her, in sort of a scrutinizing fashion just in case the answer had been displeasing to him. 

“Oh…I really couldn’t think of anything before we got here,” she admitted, shooting a warm grin his way. “I’m mainly here to get Gai set up. This is supposed to be his first—” she looked over to the robot in question. Somewhere between Brennivin’s greeting and the two getting inside, he had reached around, grabbed the back of his coat, and flipped it over his head to cover his eyes. 

Bellecoso felt her cheeks burn up from her blushing. Already the robot was embarrassing her. 

“Um…forgive me, Brennivin,” she began as she turned towards him. Her warm grin turned lopsided and sheepish as she gestured to the scared robot. “Gai’s analysis system doesn’t do well in the presence of magic. It’s…kinda the reason we’re so late. He didn’t want to come here.” 

“Magic bad!” Gai whined. Bellecoso flinched again. 

“Gai, stop it!” she pleaded. “You’re insulting Brennivin and embarrassing me!” 

Brennivin nodded his approval and kept leading the two guests to his work area. At the sound of Bellecoso cutting off her sentence, he stopped, confused. He turned around just in time to see Gai covering his face with his coattail. Brennivin stifled a giggle and waved his hand in the air. The clinking and whirring of various tools and machines simmered down, and a few voices of confusion could be heard from the back room. 

Brennivin scratched his chin. “Is okay… However, must figure a thing out,” he muttered, examining the coat. “Need remove coat for measurements. Any of idea, Sakna?” he inquired, not breaking his gaze at the nervous little bot. 

He motioned the two to follow him again, and in a few steps, he found himself in front of his workshop’s door. “In, in!” he said, holding the door open for the two and then letting himself in after. 

Kanoko approached Brennivin, and the two exchanged a few words, for the most part clearing up the halt on the magic usage. Radio Jack’s cranky voice rustled from behind a door to the back storage area, but the guy never emerged. Brennivin waved Kanoko away to work the register, and he returned his attention to the Miss and her friend. “Is ready?” he asked Gai. 

“NO!” Gai answered loudly. 

“Gai. Inside voice,” Bellecoso reminded as her ears flipped back in defence of her delicate drums. The antenna along his headset moved around to emphasize his discomfort as he continued to tug at the tails of his coat. 

“No,” he repeated after he lowered his volume. Literally. 

“Gai, we have to get this done,” Bellecoso spoke firmly. “No one can get accurate measurements of you like this. Just find a way to keep your eyes closed so we can get it out of the way.” 

“…does my fave have to be uncovered?” he asked. 

“Well. I don’t think so,” she replied, trying to work around the requirements in her head. 

“…kay…” he uncovered himself with his coat and tugged at his scarf. It appeared at first that he was just removing his accessory and coat. Instead, he continued to lift it until it was to his eyes. He slid his hands along the fabric, reached back, and secured it into a big knot, creating a blindfold for himself. 

The noise from Bellecoso sounded like an inhuman combination of a snort, a choke, and a giggle as she tried to keep from outright laughing at the poor android. 

“I…guess that works? Still have to remove his coat, but…”

Brennivin smiled at Bellecoso. “Will work!” He approached Gai and, warning him kindly first, took his jacket off of his cool shoulders and hung it up on the coat rack by his desk. He then dragged his index finger in the air, signaling measuring tape rolls to inch their way around Gai’s thin frame. Brennivin inspected each measurement, and took them down on a clipboard. 

As he did this, he questioned the two. “What is the little Gai to be costume as?” He brought his face closer to one of the tapes, trying to be as accurate as possible. “Color in mind, Sakna?”

"Gai…tell Brennivin who you want to dress up as," Bellecoso cooed gently. She reached up to pop off the bulky speakers that covered up his shoudlers, making it easier and more accurate for Brennivin to get his measurements. One both were off, she prompted him to lift his arm for better measurements of his reach.

"I…want to dress up as Mr. Invisible Man this year," he explained nervously.

"Gai, not everyone knows the nicknames you give people," she calmly reminded. Her tone had been very quick to change towards him, as though she were speaking to a small child rather than a towering robot.

"Oh yeah… I want to dress up as Monsieur Loyal of Cirque du Gothique," he responded. He managed to smile a little as the measurements continued, not minding them a bit even as they touched him. "I think he’s very interesting, and we both love the same color. Plus with the bad stuff that happened to him recently, I think it would be calming and flattering for me to dress up like him to cheer him up."

"Ah, the Mister Loyal!" Brennvin’s eyes widened, but he kept working. He waved his free hand in the air, and rolls of sleek yellow, white, and black fabric emerged from a far corner of the workplace, and began to unravel. Scissors snipped away, shaping the fabric, as Brennivin wheeled out a tray of miscellaneous sewing tools. "Are in luck, do work for the Mister! A cinch!" Fabric inched its way around Gai’s torso, barely brushing against him, and Brennivin began to pin pieces together to make sure they were the right size. If they were, he’d send them off to the machines, and if they weren’t, he’d return them to the area with the scissors.

He smiled at Bellecoso. “Know ropes for this costume.  Yourself costume idea?” His eyes lingered only shortly to Bellecoso, since he didn’t want to poke Gai with a needle.

"I…honestly don’t know," she sighed again, waving her hand a bit. She watched as he delicately worked at the beginning parts of Gai’s costume, figuring out the base work and matching the measurements with the size of the cloth. It was amazing to her how even with magic, fashion was such a delicate process. There was no doubt it’d take a little time. She decided to change the subject for the time being. Maybe inspiration would strike later.

She looked to the brooch she had received earlier in the day and realized she had been a little hypocritical. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d casually visited Brennivin since she’d been employed by Cresento.

"I’m sorry. It’s been almost a year now, and I end up visiting for business purposes," she began, smiling at the wizard once more. "I guess I just forgot how to manage work and play appropriately in my schedule."

"Not worry, Sakna!" Brennivin responded. More fabric approached his careful handiwork with yet another wave of his hand. "Idea book by desk, look in if want," he gestured towards a stand with a thick book rested on top.

He stuck a needle in between his teeth as he adjusted the vest on Gai’s body. The shimmering yellow on top of the striped black and gray looked exactly right, and he was pleased with the fit. “How the feel, Mister Gai?” he asked, in a more formal way. He started his work on the jacket. Brennivin beckoned an off-white fabric over, and sent the white back. Brennivin wanted the outfit to look authentic, especially since he was responsible for the original.

Brennivin began work on the coat. Upon realizing that Loyal was, in some areas of his normal uniform, invisible, he paused so he could flash Bellecoso a confused look. When he noticed that she was not looking his way, and not wanting Gai to overhear what he was about to bring up, he whispered, “Will return in minute,” and walked over to Bellecoso.

"Sakna, for costume accurate… Must use enchanted cloth, since invisibile…" he began, speaking softly and somewhat hesitantly. As he spoke, he couldn’t help but try to sneak a feel of Bellecoso’s feathery wings. He couldn’t resist; what a beautiful texture it must be…

"Don’t worry so much about the invisibility part," she called back, not raising her eyes from the large book before her, nor seeming to notice his touch. Her focus was entirely on the book rather than protecting her wings. Despite having so little on display, Brennivin’s catalog was impressively full of ideas and designs. Many of which broke the seven-digit price tag most of his merchandise held. "Technical accuracy isn’t that important. As long as he looks the part clothing-wise, he should be fine."

"What’s touching me?" Gai asked. The two looked over, noticing Radio Jack had cured a bit of boredom by messing with Gai’s antenna while Brennivin had his back to him. 

"It’s just the Moga, Gai," she called calmly. She turned her head back to the catalog. None of the outfits really jumped out to her as inspiration for Halloween. Perhaps fancy occasions, but not for such a simple holiday.

Gai jerked his head a few times to get his antenna away from Radio Jack, but it only made the target of the little demon rabbit bounce around even more, as well as his unpleasant reaction entertaining him even further. As long as he was blindfolded, he couldn’t even swat at the little animal accurately, resisting any urge to move so he wouldn’t ruin the costume.

"I just had to be the uncreative one in the family," Bellecoso muttered. She opened her wings to stretch a little as she flipped through more pages, and promptly tucked them back in.

Brennvin was still mezmorized by the wings, but was still itching to get back to his work. He headed back to Gai’s side, but when he turned around, he saw that Radio Jack had emerged, and was toying with Gai’s antenna. “Radio Jack! Back to back, you! Ekki fífl ekki í kring!” He swatted at the Moga, and Radio Jack muttered somthing grumpily before darting away from more trouble.

"Do apology, Mister Gai," Brennivin said in an annoyed tone. He noticed that the jacket had been floating on Gai’s frame for quite some time, waiting to be sewed together. He instructed a couple needles to finish that off. 

He turned his attention to the black and white striped fabric that he had just called over. Brennivin directed a few buttons to the direction of the jacket needles as he walked to his desk. He then worked on the neckerchief and tie at his desk. 

"See anything of interesting, Sakna?" he called to Bellecoso. He didn’t want to annoy her with his constant asking, but at the same time, he was antsy to hear what she wanted to be. A flutter of cloth was heard as the jacket rested on Gai’s shoulders. "Ah, jacket gott, also?"

"Whatever it takes to complete…the….outfit…" she slowed and stopped her speaking, looking at one section in particular of the catalog. She blinked several times and the feathery tips of her wings flexed out to further emphasize her confusion.

"Brennivin…you…allow people to order duplicates of your own clothing?" she asked. It was a very unusual sight to see, with several pictures of what she was almost certain to be Brennivin’s personal attire. Everything from his work outfit to even pajamas. "That’s a little….creepy."

Brennivin whipped his head around to look at Bellecoso. “Prefer you not spend much long on that page, else you want costume to be of me,” he stated coldly. Truth be told, he hadn’t wanted to, but the demand was too high. The customer was always right… right?  He was unsettled by it, but whatever sold, he guessed.

With a bit of help from his magical abilities, he finished the neck piece. He approached Gai and pulled it around his head and rested it perfectly on the vest. The buttons on the jacket and vest were placed on successfully, and now shone a dark onyx color against the lighter colors. Happy with the handiwork so far, Brennivin brought over leather pieces to begin work on the gloves, and also the strips for the belt, and the accent for it as well.

A few minutes of working, and silence, followed, before Brennivin checked back to Bellecoso. Seeing that she hadn’t moved a muscle since he last looked up from his work, he continued. He finished the gloves up and helped Gai blindly put his hands into them, and then cleared his throat. “Time for the pant,” he stated, as a warning to Gai. He had measuring tape take his measurements again, and this time, had sewing machines take the fabric. Pants were easier to leave in the hands of magic, but the more detailed, intricate work was for Brennivin to do.

Speaking of which, he began work on the top hat. The base was simple enough, but the decorations would take a bit of time. He began to craft the decorations, and also worked on the tie clip and heart pendant at the same time.

World's Best Clothing

What other clothing be more fitting of title?

Nicolae stole everything!


Out of business.


No more customers

Barn kemur til baka…..

þú getur kenna það allt á mig…..

Wearing paper bags

Best remove trash from being, ja?

no fashion sense

No, I deal of anon all time! Not make cry.


Brennivin, are we still on for that visit? With October just around the corner, Gai and I would like to get costume troubles out of the way. When would be best for you if you're still available?




How did you and Radio Jack meet?

Sweet story! Radio Jack without home, very disgruntled, enjoy D*C and make home!

Been in wait for rent for long time, however…